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Brush Mower

PTO Brush Mower

Series 3

  • 7ga Grade 50 Deck

  • 3 Blade Carrier

  • Heavily Reinforced Deck

  • Front Guard Tube

  • Gear Pump Driven

  • Mount Pad for Bearing Housing

  • Rubber Flap deflector

  • 20 and under or 20-30 gpm flow ratings

  • Triple Gusset Reinforced Skid Steer Mount

  • Replaceable lead skis

Series 2

  • 7ga Grade 50 Deck

  • 2 Blade Carrier

  • Gusset Reinforced Skid Steer Mount

  • Beam Reinforced Deck

  • Front Guard Tube

  • Gearbox mount pad

  • Rubber Flap deflector

  • Recommended for flow rate of 23gpm or less

  • PTO Conversion kit available

PTO Brush Mower
PTO Brush Mower

The Brush Mower Series by MTW is built with strength, reliability, and safety in mind. A heavily reinforced 7 gauge deck is the base of our lines, then 7 gauge channels offer structural reinforcement throughout the units. A heavy 1/4” thick carbon steel skid steer plate combined with welded support gussets offer a durable mounts, abrasion resistant steel runners provide a long-lasting wear surface under the deck walls, a front push bar protects the deck from front impact, and our front rubber deflector flap helps to keep dangerous projectiles confined under the deck.

The Series 3 is an industrial strength mower that carries one of the strongest decks in the market. Direct driven through a bearing housing, this mower is skid steer only and available with a choice of a 20 gpm or a 30 gpm motor. Featuring more skid mount reinforcement, 7 gauge deck channels for deck integrity, and four blades on a grade 50 carbon steel blade carrier, this mower carries on the MTW reputation of strength, reliability, and dependability.

Our Series 2 is our two blade mower that offers durability and adaptability at a competitive price point against other heavy mowers. The mid-grade series touts a heavily reinforced 7 gauge Grade 50 carbon deck and 1/2” gearbox mount pad to prevent bending or wear through. Also unique to this series it the adaptability feature, which allows the same mower to be operated by hydraulic or PTO powering units. Buy it as Hydraulic, PTO, or buy the mower and additional hardware kit to make it what you need it to be, when you need it. Recommended flow is 22 gallons per minute or under, or 540 revolution per minute PTO.

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