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Power Box Rake

MTW has taken the conventional power rake and made it into something more, offering more versatility and value compared to our competition. With the addition of the RTS (Rotary Tool System), we have adaptability and strength that can't be matched!  


In addition to the RTS, MTW has made the new line of power rakes rugged across the board. The new Series 1 replaces the Mark 1, going from .179 frame tube to .25 frame tube, but keeping the Series 1 motor for the lower flowing skid steer and mini skid steer markets as well as the 6" diameter rotor. Mounting for Mini Skid Universal, ASV and Bobcat MT are also available.


The Series 2 replaces the Mark 2, and keeps its .25 frame and Series 2 motor (capable of high flow rates). The Series 2 now comes standard with a 8" diameter rotor (6" rotor is still available for this model), allowing more depth of cut as well as more surface feet per revolution.


The Series 3 replaces the Mark 3, and now sits in a category of its own. Becoming more than a power rake we make this to address the ever growing demand for the higher horsepower, higher flowing skid steers. Meant for the harsh hard pack and clay applications, this unit has a .375 frame tube, a gusset reinforced .375 thick skid steer mount or Heavy Category 2 tractor hitch, a 2" diameter rotor shaft, 100 pitch chain, and dual gauge wheels. An 8" diameter rotor is the standard for the unit, with 10" as an option if desired. Find out more about the Series 3 here!

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