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The RTS by MTW

What is RTS?


The Rotary Tool System is our fast-changing rotor drive system (Patent Pending #63155053) that allows our power rake to be more than a standard rake. After years of working on conventional power rakes, thought was put into simplifying the cumbersome process of changing the rotor. We developed a way to leave the chain case 100% undisturbed, making the change a fairly clean process requiring one tool! Designed with function and value in mind, the system allows you get more equipment for your money. Aside from the traditional rotor types that we offer (Abrasion Resistant Steel Teeth, Carbide Tipped Weld-on Teeth, and Replaceable Hardened Steel Teeth), we offer the Tiller Rotor, the Broom Rotor, and additional rotor diameters. What’s even better is that the changeover can be accomplished in the field, and in as little as 15 minutes!

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