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The Attachment You Didn’t Know That You Needed!

Can your power rake be easily converted into a sweeper or tiller? How about your rototiller, can you turn that into a Harley rake or sweeper? Most of you right now are shaking your head “no”. With the versatility that the new Rotary Tool System (RTS) by MTW Attachments provides, the list of ways that you could use this attachment will grow by the day. This new design is built with the same strength and durability as MTW’s traditional power rakes, allowing you to get the full value of the reliability and dependability that MTW Attachments offers.

Versatility Made Simple

After years of perfecting the design of the original MTW Power Rake, the engineers at MTW have designed a much simpler way to change out the rotor. Now in as little as 15 minutes, it can be changed; a job that may be measured in hours with other rakes. Because the chain case is 100% undisturbed in the process, you only need one tool for the changeout, making it easy to change rotors in the field. MTW offers an assortment of rotors that can now be fitted to the MTW Quick Change Rotary Tool Chassis. It includes rake rotors in several teeth variations and diameters, sweeper, or rototiller. Designed with function and value in mind, the system allows you to get more equipment for your money.

Strong Enough For The Job

The only thing that comes close to competing with the RTS’s versatility is its own durability. The original MTW Power Rake was designed with rigidity and toughness in order to endure some of the harshest conditions in the industry. The RTS is built on the same chassis, with the same materials, and provides the same strength and durability as its predecessor. This has been proven through MTW’s in-house research and development, even when paired with some of the strongest skid steers or tractors on the market. The RTS is available in three series which will accommodate most machines. The strongest class, the Series 3, is taking on a life of its own, and is the perfect surface preparator for heavy applications. It will pair with tractors that are 75-115 HP, or skid steers that are 30-40 GPM, and is available in 7’, 8’, & 10’ models. With industry leading 3/8" wall frame tube, 2" diameter rotor shafts, and #100 chain, this puts it in a category all of its own.

From The Driveway To The Raceway

The RTS is finding itself at home everywhere from the driveway to the raceway. The dependability and reliability of MTW Attachments, its designs and its customer service have gained the trust of many customers in many walks of life. The attachments are custom built in the USA, and use only the best materials. When you buy directly from MTW Attachments, you are buying and dealing directly with the manufacturer, and they care what you have to say about their product. MTW spent the early part of 2021 enhancing the Series 3 rake in order to offer a solution to soil conditioning in some of the toughest environments, which adds to that dependability. This partnered research & development led to advancements in the Series 3. Customer insight is invaluable in the development of products that will fit the customer's specialized needs. It is this dedication to the customer’s needs that really sets MTW apart from the competition.

The Most For Your Money

Having one attachment that serves the purpose of three is obviously a huge savings, but that is just the most apparent value. The ability to quickly change rotors reduces wear and tear by allowing you to pick the right rotor for the job, which increases the life of your attachment. There is also value added by the amount of space you can save by having one attachment instead of several. Now you can head out to a job with your machine, one attachment, and the rotors to get the job done, all the while not having to spend the time loading several attachments; not to mention fuel savings. A fleet can now have several machines with MTW RTS Quick Change Chassis, while keeping an inventory of rotors to swap out to meet the demands of the job. By working with a company based in the US and one that manufactures their product in the US, is where you will find the most value. MTW works directly with customers to make sure that a quality customer experience is carried out beyond the point of sale. The list of benefits continues to grow as the RTS is being fielded in more industries, and MTW always loves to hear the various ways that customers have adopted the RTS to their projects.

Now You Know

If you have made it to this point in this analysis, you now know what the RTS by MTW is and how it is revolutionizing the attachment market. MTW has always had dedication to durability, reliability, and dependability in every product they produce; it is a core principle in all of their manufacturing. The RTS brings to the table versatility with durability not seen in any other attachment at a value that can’t be beat. Now that you know you need the RTS, you need to contact MTW Attachments so they can get to work on custom building the right RTS for your needs! You can read more and request a quote online at!

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