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30 Day Product Satisfaction Policy


MTW Specialty Products offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all lines of its Power Box Rake to the original purchaser of the unit. This starts at the time of receipt of the product and continues through 30 consecutive days. At the end of the 30th day, the purchaser has the option to keep or return the unit for refund.

If the product is received in less than satisfactory condition due to workmanship direct from the manufacturer, a full refund will be issued and return shipping will be covered by MTW Specialty Products if the unit has not been attached to a drive unit and used in any application. If the unit has been used and a manufacturing defect is found, MTW Specialty Products Limited Warranty Policy will apply.

If within the 30-day period the Power Box Rake does not meet the expectations of the original purchaser, MTW Specialty Products will issue a Return Materials Authorization and return shipping information. Upon receipt of the unit, MTW Specialty Products will evaluate the condition of the returned unit and determine the cost of wear on the machine, be it intended or accidental. This cost plus the return shipping cost will be deducted from the price the purchaser paid, and a check made out for the remaining balance will be issued to the purchaser.

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