Series 3

Unit pictured has PTO and Hydraulic configurations for illustration purposes only. Units are sold as PTO OR Hydraulic powered. 

The Series 3 by MTW is brand new, making its debut at the 2021 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days in Eau Claire County. More than a power rake, this unit is intended for the heavy applications that conventional rakes can't touch. 

Inspired by requests for equipment that will work in the heavier hard pack applications, we went to work upgrading driveline components and increasing frame durability.


For the PTO drivelines, we provide an industry leading 90hp rated gearbox, 8 Series PTO shafts,  integrated slip clutch, and 100 pitch mechanically tensioned drive chain. The rotor also gets an upgrade, going from 8" to 10", to increase rotational RPM and work rate compared to its predecessor. We also gave an increase to the rotor shafts, from the previous 1-1/2" shaft to 2" diameter.

This year has also seen a huge increase in requests for hydraulic powered models. Increased horsepower and flow rates in the evolution of the track skid steers have left the market looking for equipment to pair with. Everything that is in the PTO unit, minus the PTO driveline components, gets applied to the hydraulic world. As a rule of thumb, we have always allowed the power a skid steer can provide to run through the driveline and into the ground. The biggest skid steers are no exception to that rule. Using an industry leading 10,000 series equivalent motor that allows a flow rate of 40gpm, equating to a lot of torque and additional speed sent to the work surface. 

Available in 7', 8', and 10' models, whichever model suits your needs the Series 3 by MTW will be up for the task at hand. 

See it in action at on Youtube!