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Silage Defacer

The MTW Silage Defacer is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition in terms of power and performance. A proven workhorse in corn silage, haylage, and shredlage, our defacer will make quick work of even the most compact bunkers and piles. Available in single and dual drive configurations, it can be applied to any skid steer, telehandler, and wheel loader that can supply the hydraulic flow to keep the motors fed. Sizes available in 6, 8, and 10 feet and additional widths can be achieved through our end cutter options.

  • Series 1 direct drive model is 6 feet wide and great for smaller skid steers and lower flowing telehandlers.

  • Series 2 single chain drive model is also 6 feet wide, allows for additional cutting width with end cutters, and is perfect for stronger skid steers ranging from 22-40 gallon per minute flow rates.

  • Series 3 dual chain drive model is great for wheel loader applications, where flow rate exceeds 40 gallons per minute. Parallel circuit high torque motors will power through dense packed piles with structural strength to withstand the wheel loader's force. Two models are available in this series, with 8' and 10' rotor tubes, and end cutters available to cut wider yet.


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