Subterranean Rock Picker

Subterranean Rock Picker

If you are clearing land or maintaining existing plots, the MTW Subterranean Rock Picker is a great implement to have in your line up! Made to sift soil and debris, the Picker works best in applications where the ground has been tilled. In this setting, the reinforced nose can drop 6-8" below the surface and remove any debris leaving you with clean, virtually rock free soil that's ready for planting. 

Available with Hydraulic Conveyor or 3 Yard Hopper back end options.

Subterranean Rock Picker
Subterranean Rock Picker

Tech Information

Working Width: 60 Inches

PTO RPM: 540 RPM or 1000 RPM

Working Dimensions:

  • with discharge conveyor - 14'W x 23'L x 12'T

  • with hopper - 10'W x 8'T x 24'L


  • with discharge conveyor:  10,600 Pounds

  • with hopper: 6,800 Pounds


  • with discharge conveyor:  Load H

  • with hopper: Load M