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What Is The MTW Rotary Tool System (RTS)

Introducing the MTW Rotary Tool System, the forefront of innovation in power rake technology designed specifically for soil conditioning. Our system, currently under patent pending (No. 63155053), revolutionizes the efficiency and versatility of power rakes. The innovative, fast-changing rotor drive system not only simplifies the transition between different tasks but also elevates the functionality of soil conditioning equipment to a new level.

With the latest addition of our Rock Rotor, the MTW Rotary Tool System now boasts a 4-in-1 capability, making it more versatile than ever. This enhancement, along with our array of rotor options, positions the system as an essential tool for any soil conditioning project. Whether it's leveling, mixing, debris removal, or rock removal, our system delivers tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of any task. The MTW Rotary Tool System is designed to maximize both efficiency and effectiveness in soil conditioning, redefining what's possible with power rake technology.

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Effortless Tool Changes

Innovative Fast-Changing System

Gone are the days of cumbersome rotor changes. The MTW Rotary Tool System introduces an unparalleled ease of switching between tools on-site. With our groundbreaking design, you can transition to a new task in as little as 15 minutes using only one tool. This swift change is facilitated by a design that leaves the chain case completely undisturbed, ensuring a clean process every time. This feature not only saves time but significantly reduces the effort required for equipment adjustments, allowing you to focus on the job at hand.

Endless Possibilities

Versatile Rotor Options

Expand your capabilities with a diverse selection of rotor options. The MTW Rotary Tool System is not limited to traditional rotor types; we offer Carbide Tipped Weld-on Teeth, Carbide Tipped Replaceable Teeth, Tiller Rotors, Broom Rotors, and more in development. This variety allows for a broad range of applications, from fine grading and leveling to aggressive soil mixing and debris removal. Each rotor is designed with performance and durability in mind, ensuring that whatever the task, you have the right tool at your disposal.


Built to Last

Enhanced Durability and Strength

Durability is at the heart of the MTW Rotary Tool System. Our new line of power rakes is built to withstand the toughest conditions, featuring enhancements such as increased frame tube thickness and reinforced mounts. From the Series 1 model, designed for lower flowing skid steers and mini skid steers, to the rugged Series 3, catering to high horsepower machines, each model boasts improvements that enhance strength and longevity. With the MTW Rotary Tool System, you're investing in equipment that will serve you reliably job after job.

Universal Compatibility

Adapted for Almost All Machines

Versatility is key in the MTW Rotary Tool System's design. Our range of power rakes, including the Series 1, 2, and 3, is engineered to accommodate a wide spectrum of machinery, from low flow to high horsepower skid steers. Each series is tailored to specific market needs, offering solutions for various attachment standards including Mini Skid Universal, ASV, and Bobcat MT. With the MTW Rotary Tool System, compatibility is never an issue; we provide adaptable, high-performance tools for any machine in your fleet.


Versatility Like Never Before!

The MTW Rotary Tool System sets a new standard in power rake technology. With features like our fast-changing rotor drive system, a wide array of rotor options, enhanced durability, and universal compatibility, we offer unmatched versatility and value. Experience the difference in productivity and performance with the MTW Rotary Tool System—where innovation meets functionality.

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